Exceeding the highest quality Standards in PU Foams


Quality Foam Manufacturers

Choosing the right foam for your mattress, furniture, studio or for transporting fragile goods is extremely important and can be challenging. As the leading manufacturers of the Indian foam industry, we intricately craft our foams to help you make the right choice. Backed by decades of expertise in the manufacturing industry, we are able to deliver premium quality foams to meet your needs every time.

Whether it’s soft foam, insulating foams or acoustic foams. We make sure that you have enough to make a choice from. At Flexipol, we strive to only provide high quality and duly approved foams and other products to our clients.

Industries We Serve

Being one of the best Memory Foam manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers in the foam industry, we constantly strive to meet all of your industrial requirements. By using the latest cutting-edge technologies from Germany, we offer various categories of high-quality industrial foams – Soft Foam, Hard Foam, Foam Rolls and many more. With a wide range of technical foams we cater to various industries like automotive, garment, packaging, household, construction and much more.

Our brands

We are the industry pioneers of manufacturing flexible foam solutions for a broad spectrum of applications & industries including automotive, garments, packaging, construction, mattress & pillow etc. Our commitment to quality allows us to deliver high-performing, long-lasting and cost-effective foam solutions via our in-house application-specific brands- Resiflex, Power Puf, Viscoflex Sound Flex, Lamifoam and Puf. Flexipol understands & caters to your unique foam requirements and assists you by supplying the foam material that fits your unique needs.