Arun Jaluka

Chairman's Notes


I have great pleasure in welcoming you to my Flexipol Foams family. Our noteworthy history is intertwined with business excellence, quality assurance and heart-warming stories of customer satisfaction. This along with our employees who are truly committed to putting their best foot forward every single day for the last three decades has helped Flexipol become one of the most trusted brands in the foam manufacturing and supplying industry.

We at Flexipol look forward to building a lasting and impactful partnership with you. Let’s talk.

About Our Company

“How do we continue making our customers lives simpler?”Irrespective of their team or designation, this is a question that everybody at Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd. looks forward to answering every day. With an experience of more than three decades in the vast field of polyurethanes, we are one of the largest Foam Manufacturers in India.

We are consistently ranked among the top Memory Foam Suppliers and rightly so since we address diverse requirements ranging from daily comfort foams like mattresses and cushions to large space industrial product requirements such as rolls.

We are also widely recognized within the memory foam industry in India as being the market leader. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of professionalism while also maintaining a personal approach to each customer. It’s safe to say that at Flexipol we offer you the best of both the worlds. We believe that it is these qualities clubbed with our core values of integrity, honesty, and loyalty to our customers that make our brand second to none.

We contribute effective and innovative solutions in order to strengthen our partnership with our customers. Our exclusive computerized continuous foam production plant enables us to offer most of our products ex-stock, thus making us an integral part and pioneer in the world of Memory Foam in India.

At Flexipol, we firmly believe that no job is too small and no query is too complicated. We act like an extended arm to your team right from the initial conceptualization stage to the full-scale production stage. Whatever be your requirement, be rest assured to find a solution to it with us. It is not just for nothing that we are the most cherished manufacturers and suppliers of Memory Foam in India.

We manufacture a complete range of flexible foam sheets and rolls comprising of different colors, densities, and sizes. Our specialization is super soft foam, hard foam and foam rolls for fabric lamination in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

It also gives us great pride to say that we were one of the 70 exhibitors that were chosen to participate in PU-TECH, the first ever polyurethane summit for South and South-East Asia presented by Indian Polyurethane Association.

We look forward to building a lasting partnership with you and are eager to address your needs and requirements. Let’s roll (pun intended).