Soft Foam

At Flexipol, with our state of the art infrastructure backed by our technically superior workforce, we offer an extensive range of premium quality products. Our technical superiority has helped us to be widely recognised as one of the leading memory soft foam manufacturers in India. Our superior quality soft foam is used in multiple home usages products such as mattresses, pillows, cushions and many more. The term “memory foam” is derived from the fact that when you sit or lay on it, it quickly adjusts according to your body and retains the impression.

Soft Foam, also known as Soft Polyurethane foam or Poly foam is widely used in the manufacturing of high quality home usage products. Its versatile usage has made soft foam an indispensable part of a wide range of industries. Being one of the most renowned soft polyurethane foam suppliers for various sectors, our soft memory foam is known for the consistently excellent quality.>

Soft foam manufactured by Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd. is a resilient material that retains its original shape after compression but also offers excellent cushioning and safety when required. It is because of these unique traits that our soft foam enjoys flexible applications, after all, we are a leading name in the list of memory soft foam manufacturers, and we possess the technical knowledge to manipulate the raw materials, to produce soft foam with varying properties as per client requirements. Some of the benefits that our soft foam products offer are: –

  • Fosters optimum spinal alignment
  • Effectively stops liquid spills
  • Efficient blockage of mites and allergens

We have the requisite infrastructure to produce soft foam in a variety of shape and sizes with customizable performance characteristics. Our Polyurethane foam or memory soft foam is widely used in mattress and furniture industry, textile industry, handbag and luggage industry, and automobile industry with both domestic as well as industrial uses.