At Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd. we work relentlessly to make it as effortless as possible for you to find the best fit for your requirements. It is not for nothing that we are called one of the best Memory Foam Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Wholesalers, a tag that we have been humbly carrying with us for the last three decades.

We encourage you to discover our all-embracing range of Memory Foam for Industries which have been highlighted here for your perusal. All of our product categories are available in a variety of grades, resilience, hardness, and density to ensure that you find the right foam for your requirement. Right from foam products for your vehicle interiors to hard foam for some of your more sturdy requirements, be rest assured to find the best-suited foam with Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd.

Our core competencies in the production of industrial foam lie in the development and production of high-quality polyurethane foams whereas our core skills lie in empathetically understanding your diverse needs to serve you with the most suited product from our range of memory Foam for Industries.

We have been producing high-quality foams with a wide range of densities for various industries such as consumer and automotive to name a few.

Having witnessed the increasingly growing dynamics of the memory foam industry with varied demands in terms of quality and diversity of requirements, we at Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd. are capable of acting as catalysts in this growth by producing memory foams for all types of industrial applications.

By using the latest cutting-edge technologies from Germany, we always offer our customers a high and consistent standard of quality across our 4 product categories:

Characteristics of our foam include:


  • Foam Rolls
  • Standard Foam
  • Soft Foam
  • Hard Foam


This diverse range is a huge asset that enables us to respond to our customers’ needs in an extremely flexible way.