At Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd., be rest assured to find the best products for all your requirements. Our decades of experience and expertise make us one of the top contenders to serve your polyurethane foam requirements. Our products are manufactured after years of understanding our clients’ requirements and with the help of the newest technologyfrom Germany. We do so while keeping the International Standards in mind at every stage.

We understand that you may be having many different sized products which may have a large number of different packaging specifications. Our Standard Foamis your go-to product to for addressing such diverse packaging needs.

Our Standard Foam rolls provide extensive cushioning and are suited for storage of light sensitive parts thus making it ideal for interleaving products. They are made with 100% low density polyethylene resin thus making them an ideal lightweight packaging material. Their impact and vibration absorption capabilities make them a useful protection against scratching and abrasion.

Our years of talking to clients such as yourself helps us recommend the ideal material and format basis your performance requirements and other relevant variables. The flexibility of our foam rolls helps you to drastically reduce the amount of material you need for your packaging needs. This helps lower your inventory and associated costs.

Some of the key benefits of our Standard Foam are as follows:


  • Reduction in product damage
  • Reduction in material usage since the foam can be cut to exact dimensions
  • Cost effective
  • Flexibility to use with different primary products of different shapes and sizes
  • Protect glass, china, finished surfaces, appliances, and many other delicate items
  • Multi closed cells structure which provides better impact protection than bubble wrap
  • Increased warehouse utilization – replaces individual custom packaging units
  • Availability in non-perforated and perforated formats