Simple Memory Foam Mattress Care Tips That Can Ensure Longevity of Your Mattresses

When you are planning to buy memory foam mattress, it is better to invest in a branded one from one of the leading memory foam manufacturers. The best quality mattress will not only last long but will also provide the highest level of comfort. However, you can definitely extend the life of your memory foam mattress by taking some extra precautions.

Memory foam manufacturers opine that their mattresses do not require much care as they are designed to last long and provide top notch performance for years on end. While they might be right, it will do you no harm to take some basic precautions from your end. Here are some memory foam mattress care tips that can help in extending the life of your mattress.

Rotate The Mattress Regularly:

Layered foam mattresses and acoustics foam mattresses are unique as they don’t have to be flipped like other conventional mattresses. However, it is recommended that you rotate your memory foam mattress over regularly. Here’s how to do it. Turn the mattress direction by 180 degrees – or rotate head to foot – at least once in every two or three months. This will prevent the formation of any depression in the mattress, especially in those areas where more pressure is routinely applied. Invest in quality mattresses from the leading acoustics foam manufacturers for getting the best value for your money.

Avoid Spillage:

Having breakfast in the bed can be fun but it can also be messy if you are not careful. You might not want to leave your bed because of the extreme level of comfort that memory foam mattress offers. However, make sure that you avoid spilling liquids on the mattress as it can cause the firmness of the foam to collapse. The mattress quality can deteriorate quickly. If you love your breakfast in bed so much that you simply cannot give up on it, use a good quality mattress protector.

Keep Away From Heat

As memory foam is a material that is highly sensitive to heat, make sure that you keep the mattress and the memory pillows away from all types of heat sources or emitters. Avoid using hot water bottles, electric blankets and similar types of heat emitters that are generally used while in bed. Heat can affect the performance of the mattress by damaging the foam structure. Keeping the memory foam mattress away from strong heat emitting resources can ensure consistent performance and durability.

Another important tip – do not make your bed immediately on getting up. While this might go against what you have been taught right from your childhood, there is a bit of science and commonsense involved in offering this tip. There will be some moisture created by the pressure of the body on the bed when you wake up. By delaying the process of bed making you give enough time for the moisture to evaporate and the mattress to breathe normally.

These are simple tips, which when followed can help you extend the life of the memory foam mattress in the long run.

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