Viscoelastic/Memory Foam Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Viscoelastic/Memory Foam is also known as a memory Foam. Memory foam reacts to body shape and temperature to conform to the body.

As one of the first manufacturers of Viscoelastic/Memory Foam in India, we have perfected our product over the years. The ball rebound of our memory foam is low as compared to other brands. We also produce memory foam containing cooling gel crystals which helps in heat dissipation. Our memory foam has high durability and long-lasting comfort along with high resistance to allergens and bacteria.

Our memory foam is trusted by more than 40 mattress brands across India. We offer Visco elastic memory foam in a variety of shapes and sizes as per the requirements of our clients such as rolls and sheets. We also provide customisation options for our clients where they can get products tailor-made for their needs.


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