Acoustic Foam Sheets are an ideal solution for industrial, commercial and residential projects which aim to curb their contribution to the ever increasing noise pollution. Here at Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd., our dedicated teams of technical staff and specialist engineers create custom acoustic foam solutions for various industries thus making us one of the leading Acoustics Foam Manufacturers in India.

Whether you’re looking for acoustic foam panels, microphone foam shields or panels for construction projects;Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd. can manufacture and supply the best suited customized product for you.

Although there are many Acoustic Foam Panels Suppliers in the market, we have created a niche for ourselves by continuously working on enhancing our product to not just match, but surpass our customer satisfaction rating. Instead of directly pitching a product to you, we first invest significant time to understand your requirements and holistically evaluate your use case and applications.

As a leading Acoustic Foam Sheets Supplier, we take it upon ourselves to set and maintain the highest standards of product delivery. Our light weight foam is a high performance sound barrier and meets the international self-extinguishing fire rating as well. Our diverse product range efficiently handles your requirements which may be across a varied frequency range of sound energy. Our foams can be manufactured and supplied in different shapes for them to deliver their benefits in the most optimal manner to you.

We do understand that ‘One size does not fit all’ and hence we leverage our extensive experienceof understanding factors such as resilience, strength and softness to recommend a particular grade of foam to our customers.

Some of the key characteristics of our acoustic foam sheets include:

    • High tear strength
    • High resilience
    • Comfort
    • Minimum Hardness Variation
    • Thermal stability

We also work closely with home furnishing manufacturers to develop new products to meet the requirements of furniture and mattress manufacturers from all over the country. We welcome your interest in our quality foam and look forward to being your Acoustics Foam Manufacturer of choice. Let’s talk!