We at, Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd, are committed to getting you and your businesses only the best products for packaging. Our products can be used in various sectors and are manufactured using the best of best-importedmachinery to offer you an undeniable quality. Our foam products are manufactured by keeping the International Standards. Pack your electronics with our foam and never worry about anything else.

Through sheer hard work and good working ethics, we have earned the name of one of the best Anti Static Foam Manufacturers. We offer you a wide range of products, one of the best out of the bunch we provide is the Anti Static Foam Sheet.

These sheets are one of the best packaging materials for your electronic goods. The reason behind this is that this kind of foam is made with an anti-static agent, which makes this capable of not generating static charge even when it is rubbed against itself.

Although the foam itself does not generate any kind of static charge, the foam does allow the charge to follow through it in a controlled manner. In other words, if the electronics stored in the packaging emit any kind of charge, the foam will let it pass through it.

The best way of dealing with this is to put the package in a shielding bag. You can use this kind of foam for packing all kinds of electronics.

Some of the uses of the Anti Static Foam Sheetare as follow:

  • You can use it to pack printed circuit boards.
  • Semi-conductors can also be stored with the help of this kind of foam.
  • All kinds of electronic goods can be stored using Anti Static Foam Sheet.

When you look for Anti Static Foam Suppliers,  be sure to get them with us. Our products are made with cutting-edge technology and help you store you products better.