High Resilience Foam

Being a leading name in the foam industry in India, Flexipol Foams Pvt Ltd has managed to carve out a niche amongst a vast range of clients working across various sectors. With our modern infrastructure and hard-working personnel, we have managed to deliver superior quality foam products to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

As a leading High Resilience Foam Manufacturer in India, we have set new benchmarks in the industry for others to follow. We offer superior quality High Resilience Foam Sheets and rolls according to the requirements of our customers. High resilience foam is the Polyurethane foam of highest quality with significantly higher responsiveness as compared to memory foam. This makes sure that the foam contours to the body shape exceptionally well and offers extreme elasticity and optimal support as compared to standard foams. As a result, even with prolonged usage, it does not cause any fatigue.

This makes high resilience foam sheets extremely popular in mattress and furnishing industry with an expected life cycle of more than ten years on regular usage. High resilience foam is ideal for people with a restless sleeping partner as it blocks the effect of motion to the other person. Though high resilience foams may be less popular as compared to memory foam, they are widely used in multiple industries due to the fantastic functionality they offer.

Being a renowned High Resilience Foam Manufacturer, we make sure that all our products adhere to the international quality standards and offer utmost satisfaction to all our customers. Our high resilience ensures even pressure distribution on the lying surface to make it comfortable for extended usage. High resistance foams might be a bit more expensive than traditional foams but due to the high levels of comfort offered by them, the price is justified, and they are the preferred choice for quality seeking customers.