Lamination Grade Foam

At Flexipol, we believe that customer comes first. All our efforts are directed towards the satisfaction of our customers. It is their trust in our abilities that keeps us going from strength to strength. In order to repay the faith they have placed in us, which has helped us grow over the last three decades, we have upgraded our manufacturing facilities to match international standards. All our products are manufactured by highly experienced personnel, using state of the art infrastructure at our plant, to make sure that all our products meet international quality standards.


As one of the leading Laminated Foam Manufacturers and Laminated Foam Suppliers in India, we offer our customers with LamiFoam in a wide variety of density, width and thickness. Our Laminated foam products are used by our customers across various industries such as Footwear, Automobile Furnishings and Garments. Our LamiFoam renders exceptional printing results and can apply for any type of printing such as a screen, flexo and spray printing, making it ideal for usage in packaging and display industries as well.


As we are amongst the renowned Laminated Foam Manufacturers in India, our laminated foam is structurally engineered to minimize thickness loss due to flame lamination and offers exceptional bonding strength. This is achieved through optimization of the cell structure and distribution. This makes sure that minimal thickness loss is experienced during transportation.

With high mechanical strength, LamiFoam has high resistance to petroleum products and organic solvents which makes it fit to be used for adhesive as well as flame lamination with various types of fabric and leather. Some of the significant industrial use of our LamiFoam products are in: –

  • Automotive Industry for seat covers and door panelling
  • Padding in Sportswear such as pads, gloves, helmets etc.
  • Construction Industry (Vibration and Sound Absorption)
  • Orthopaedic care products such as sling arms, footrest etc.