Thermoformable Foam

At Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd. we are committed to offering superior quality products to our customers spread across various sectors. All our products are manufactured using imported machinery and conform to even most stringent International standards. While using our foam products our customers can enjoy a significant peace of mind and add value to their products.

With our rich experience and professional expertise, we have managed to earn a reputation as one of India’s leading Thermoform Molding Foam manufacturers offering Thermoformable Foam Sheets, Rolls and Panels. All our thermoformable foam sheets are available according to industry standards and can even be customized to suit customer requirements. Our material is UV stable and suitable to be used to manufacture various kinds of undergarments as it does not harm the human body in any way.

Thermoforming involves usage of different foam forming methods on thermoplastic foam, which is heated in an oven so that it attains its pliable forming temperature. Thereafter the sheet is moulded into desired shapes and sizes. This makes it ideal to be used in composite panel cores, Detailed structures and compound curved surfaces. This polyurethane foam is composed of a closed cell material which can be bonded conveniently and works well with a vast array of adhesives and coatings.

To give a comfortable, smooth and refreshing feeling, the foam’s macromolecular design has been designed accordingly. Our Thermoformable foam sheets are eco-friendly and meet all international quality parameters. It is free from any harmful chemicals, making it ideal to be used for manufacturing undergarments. Being lightweight it is also extensively used in the automobile sector.

Some of the major applications of our Thermoformable Foam Sheets are: –

  • Undergarments
  • Swimsuits
  • Lingerie
  • Automobile Sector
  • Construction Industry and many more.