UV Stable Foam

At Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd., we offer you the best kinds of flexible polyurethane foamfor all kinds of uses. Working with the determination of providing only the best of best products to you and your business for the past thirty years, we offer you the best options that can be used in various kinds of industrial sectors.

Our products are manufactured with the use of cutting-edge modern technology and are manufactured with respect to the International Standard for goods. The products we offer are not only viable but also durable. Through hard work and integrity, our products are manufactured with high-grade quality.

With many products to offer, we have become one of the leading Uv Stable Foams Manufacturers And Suppliers in India. We offer you the best kind of UV stable foam. With foams, one problem that has been prevalent for times innumerable is that it yellows quickly when exposed to sunlight.

To find a fix to the problem, use UV stable foam. The UV Resistant Foam is semi-flexible and is manufactured with microcellular foams with various types of Diphenylmethane di-isocyanate  (MDI). Light protecting agents are added to the manufacturing process to avoid discolouration when exposed to the sunlight.

Yellowed articles are not only bad to look at, but also marr the physical appearance of the product. But with the UV Stable Foam, you will have nothing to worry about.

The non-yellowing foam is produced with the help of aliphatic isocyanates. These isocyanates are the main reason why this type of foam does not begin to losecolour.

The UV stable foam finds its use in many areas, some of which are:

  • These kinds of foams can be used in the manufacturing of sports shoes.
  • The foam also finds use in the manufacturing of innerwear.
  • Apart from this, it can also be used in the manufacturing of clothes.