Visco Elastic Foam

At Flexipol Foams Pvt. Ltd. we are committed to providing superior quality foam products to help maximize our clients and customers satisfaction levels. We are a leading name in the foam industry and are known to set new industry benchmarks with our high-quality products. Our unrelenting pursuit of excellence has helped us become a leading manufacturer of Visco Elastic Memory foam in India.

Visco Elastic Foam, also known as Visco Elastic memory foam, is one of the most popular foam products globally. It was invented by NASA for usage in seats for space shuttles. When the product was opened for public usage, it rapidly became one of the leading foam products globally with extensive usage across mattress and furniture industry. It reacts to body weight and temperature to conform to the body shape.

Visco Elastic foam manufactured by us has little memory pockets which change according to the body weight and temperature of the user. Due to the body heat, the foam becomes soft and conforms to the user’s body shape and stays that way. Once the user is not using the foam, it cools down and retains its original form.


Visco Elastic Memory Foam manufactured by Flexipol is widely used by our clients spread across various sectors due to the excellent properties of our products, such as: –

  • High Durability and long-lasting comfort
  • High resistance to allergens and bacteria
  • Better pressure relief for spine
  • Better motion dampening between sleeping partners


With our vast knowledge and technical expertise, we are a leading Visco Elastic Foam manufacturer in India and enjoy great reputation for usage of innovative technology to manufacture products that conform to even most stringent quality norms.

We offer Visco elastic memory foam in a variety of shapes and sizes as per the requirements of our clients such as rolls and sheets. We also provide customization options for our clients where they can get products tailor-made for their needs.