What Are the Various Uses of PU Foam – An Insight Into the Applications of This Versatile Material

Polyurethane (PU) comes from the highly varied family of polymers or plastics. It is made from some products derived from crude oil to which a number of additives are added to produce PU foam products. You can order Polyurethane in both flexible and rigid forms from the leading polyurethane foam suppliers.


One Foam, Multiple Applications

Polyurethane foam is known for its ability to provide a high level of comfort by giving amazing support to our body when used in household items like mattresses, car seats and upholstered furniture. We enjoy the benefits of polyurethane foam in many items of daily use, without even noticing. They are also used in a host of other applications such as medical dressings, sponges and in the form of filters to make soundproof systems. You can find the best PU foam manufacturers, India online and order your needs conveniently.


Flexible Polyurethane

Flexible polyurethane foam forms a part of high quality cushioning and is used in various types of commercial and consumer products. Flexible PU forms an essential part of modern bedding and furniture. They are also used extensively in automotive interiors and as a carpet underlay.  As it can be created in almost any variety of shapes and firmness and is also light and durable, it can be used as an excellent packaging material.


Home Applications

One of the most commonly used applications of Polyurethane is to make home furnishings such as furniture and bedding. It is also used as a carpet underlay to add to the comfort level. It is an excellent cushioning material for use in upholstered furniture.


Industrial Applications

Polyurethane foam is used on a large scale in the packaging industry. Its ability to conform and fit any form makes it an ideal packaging material as it can help keep things in place during long hours of transit. In many ways, it offers a versatile solution for dealing with the many challenges faced by the packaging industry.