Difference Between FR Foam and Normal Foam

There are various types of foams available on the market but FR foam or Fire Retardant Foam made by the leading FR foam manufacturer in India is truly unique in more ways than one. As the name implies, this type of foam does not catch fire and hence is a product of high asset for use in specific applications.

This type of foam is highly resilient and used in places where stringent fire code standards are needed. They are ideal for use in schools, hospitals, vehicles involved in mass transit such as buses, trains, airplanes etc. FR foam has an unusually high density which makes it highly durable. The use of fire retardant chemicals helps in creating a grainy texture that resists fire.

The normal foam used in homes for mattresses are available in many types. They are made of latex which is a natural product. Polyurethane or poly foam is what is commonly referred to as a foam mattress. It is used mostly in homes and hotels and is made of urethane and offer high density support. It is also less expensive than other types of foams.

While normal foams are made using standard polyurethane, FR foam is made using non-inflammable polyurethane and melamine.

Check the Video below to understand the difference between to foam more closely

Leading memory foam manufacturers in India make normal foams that are ideal for residential use, especially in mattresses. On the other hand, FR foam is used in commercial settings and in industries such as construction, transportation, automotive, machinery, and commercial furniture.

FR foam does not melt or drip when exposed to heat or intense flames and can help create a safe environment in commercial establishments. Normal foams do not offer any resistance to fire and are hence not used in environments where there is a potential risk of fire present.

As FR foams are manufactured using special materials and fortified to offer resistance to fire, they are generally more expensive than normal foam products.

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