India’s Flexipol invests $2.3m in new Hennecke line

Bhiwadi, Rajasthan – Indian polyurethane foam manufacturer Flexipol Foams invested in a new Hennecke Muiltiflex line in 2018, and aims to move into new markets.

The line has been installed to make a wide range of flexible foam sheets and roll. Flexipol said the range comprises foams of different colours and densities. It also includes super soft foam, hard foam and foam rolls for fabric lamination. All of these foams are available in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

‘We have invested about $2.3 m in the new line and, post installation, the physical properties of the finished produce has significantly improved with no pin holes,’ said Flexipol director Rajiv Jaluka in a telephone interview.

The company is also scouting for a partner. ‘We are looking for a mutually beneficial collaboration for development of new grades for the Indian market,’ he added

He said that the new Hennecke line has not significantly increased production capacity. But, Jaluka added, it is a high-pressure machine that can produce new grades, and allows Flexipol to enter different industry segments.

‘We are now capable of developing application-specific foam, and can meet custom requirements,’ he said.

Flexipol makes memory foams and daily comfort foams for products such as mattresses and cushions. It can also produce large industrial products, including rolls.

Flexipol’s site at Bhiwadi started operations more than two decades ago, in 1996. It produces about 4 kT/year of flexible foam.

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